Couples therapy

Romantic relationships are hard work, they require regular maintenance to be running well. Often we can do the basic repairs ourselves, but sometimes despite our best efforts, it is necessary to consider couples therapy, where a licensed professional helps clients to understand and resolve their conflicts and to reinforce the relationship.

Couples therapy helps you gain insight into your relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction utilizing a variety of therapeutic interventions. Talking about your needs, vision and offenses in a structured way can help you to understand each other better and to gain tools that help you in communicating and sorting out problems more effectively.

Couples therapy usually begins with exploring the history of the relationship, each partner’s family-background and values. After understanding the history and current state of the relationship the goal is to identify the issues that will be the focus of therapy, establish treatment goals and plan the structure for treatment.

After deciding the focus of the work, the therapist will help the couple gain insight into the relationship dynamics maintaining the problem, while helping both partners understand their roles in the dysfunctional interactions. This will help them change the way they perceive the relationship and each other. The therapist might use initial sessions for crisis intervention if necessary. Couples therapy also involves actually changing behaviours and ways of interacting with each other. The therapists will often assign partners homework to apply the skills they have learned in therapy into their daily interactions.

Couples therapy is advised in case of

  • emotional or physical distance, drifting apart between spouses
  • infidelity
  • jealousy and lack of trust
  • uncertainty regarding the future of the relationship
  • recurring pattern of misunderstanding and dispute, being unable to communicate and solve occurring problems
  • lack of intimacy and sexual problems
  • different approach to raising children

Often the reasons behind these difficulties are various and develop over time.  We often experience, that from the beginning of the relationship parties don’t have the courage or skills to communicate their needs, difficulties and vision regarding the relationship. These unspoken needs can grow to big, deep offenses over time and undermine intimacy. It also often happens that gender roles get mixed up in a way that is uncomfortable to one of the parties. Underestimating the potential dangers of diverging interests, values and family background can also widen the gap between spouses.

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Couples therapy

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