Dóra Korányi

Dóra Korányi

Psychologist, couple and family therapist

My name is Dóra Korányi, I am a certified psychologist and I am a licensed couples and family therapist at the Hungarian Family Therapy Association. I recieved my Bachelor’s degree in IDC Herzliya, Israel, where the language of insturction was English. I volunteered and worked in several fields and countries, which gave me a wide knowledge and deep understanding of moving places, encountering different coultures, and the difficulties that may come from living in a foreign country, which gives me the passion and the mission to help those in similar situations. 

 I recieved my  Master’s degree in psychology in 2017 at ELTE university of Budapest, majoring in clinical psychology. Since then, I have worked as a school and kindergarten psychologist at the Carl Rogers Person-Centered Kindergarten and Elementary School.

As the psychologist of the Carl Rogers School, I had the opportunity to get to know the world of children from preschool to adolescence. My approach to people, to childrend and to adults equally, is to always try to understand the position of each individual, their  feelings and their perspectives and find the solutions that is best for the individual and for the family or community they belong to. My driving forces are empathy and the creation of a safe environment in which people have the opportunity to open up, discover themselves, and embark on the path of change.

I completed my family therapy training at the Hungarian Family Therapy Association in 2020. My daily work is supported by the Supervision group of the Association.

In the path of my own personal deveompent, above individual therapy, both psychodrama and art therapy played an important role, and I incorporate some of these techniques in my work as well.


35.000 FT / session

15.000 FT / session

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